MBA and its importance in the corporate world

IS MBA Really Important in this corporate World?
There is always a welcome for the MBA graduates, no matter in which college or country you complete your graduation. The MBA degree has many great advantages to offer the graduates. Although MBA is originated in the United States of America, this is the most sought after degree and it is just a century old. This degree is increasing its significance over the days with many corporate and IT companies emerging worldwide, especially in the developing countries.

Why choose MBA Degree?
No matter you want to strengthen your entrepreneurship skills or focus on escalating corporate rung, it is still important to undergo your MBA graduation. This degree will help you to get a better insight into tricks acumen that is necessary for handling the business and segments in it.

You may feel that you have a good knowledge in managing a business or take up the entrepreneurship, therefore you may not have the purpose to pursue this degree. But remember, this MBA program is highly relevant to your industry and it involves everything required for the smooth operation of a business. This degree will help to sharpen your soft skills and managerial skills that are required for a good business management.

To say, the MBA graduates are mostly recruited within 3 months of completion of their graduation by the companies across the world. Therefore, this proves that there is a huge requirement for the MBA graduates with all required skills to work in a business firm. It is not only to work in a company, but you will also gain sufficient skills and knowledge to run your own business in a successful way. This degree program will help you gain all essential skills sets to excel in your chosen career.

MBA degree also has various disciplines in it to choose from. Each discipline has its own respective advantages to offer. By specializing in your chosen discipline you further become qualified to be instantly recruited by the business firm especially that has a requirement for candidates with your domain specialty.

Here are the following major domains or disciplines in which you can pursue your MBA degree:

There are various specializations in MBA programs, which students can choose to excel in. this will also help them to choose their career as desired with more interest. To point a few specializations in the MBA degree:

  • MBA in marketing
  • MBA in Finance
  • MBA in human resources
  • MBA in IT/IS
  • MBA in operations and Entrepreneurship
  • These degrees or specializations in MBA are most required by the employers in industries like luxury brand management, wine management, hotel management and others.

    However the core course in MBA program will cover various areas of business, which include;

  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Operations and statistics
  • Human resources
  • Finance
  • There is no doubt that this MBA program regardless of the discipline you choose can bring you a wonderful career ahead.

    Career options for a law student

    There is always a misconception that degree in law will allow the students to find their job only in the lawyer fraternity. But this is not the fact. With your law degree you can in fact find many good jobs with good positions in various industries. To say, recruiters from different industries attract law graduates for placements.

    A degree in law is the gateway to your career. It is not just the path you can choose but beyond the legal profession, your career is wide open with ample options.

    The jobs you can find related to law degree are ample. You will be really amazed to know them. Some of the jobs that are directly associated to your law degree are:

  • Paralegal
  • Barrister
  • Company secretary
  • Chartered legal executive
  • Detective
  • Solicitor
  • Licensed conveyance
  • Solicitor and more

  • You can also work as;

  • Legal Data analyst
  • Advice worker
  • Human resources officer
  • Civil service administrator
  • Investment Fraud attorney
  • Patent attorney
  • Trading standards officer and many others

  • It is not only other domains, but you can also join your own society and practice law.

    The candidate with a degree in law can find ample opportunities to work in sectors like banking, property development, financial, HR departments in businesses and much more.

    Moreover, by qualifying as a solicitor, you can also work in various legal practices that covers family, criminal, probate and business. You can find opportunities available through national government, local government, large organizations and private firms.

    What value add will a Law Degree give to your CV?
    The law degree will cover all foundation subjects, which are mostly required for the entry into your legal profession. However, understanding legal implications, obligations and combining your knowledge to apply in practice is very important. This degree will help you gain knowledge in various parts of private, public and voluntary sectors.

    Here are the major skills that you can obtain from the law degree;

  • You will gain the research skills using various sources, including your verbal questioning skills
  • You will gain evaluation skills, and ability to interpret / explain complex information in a clear and understandable way
  • You will gain the analytical skills, which are very important to excel in your career
  • You will gain the skills of reasoning and critical judgment
  • You will get the ability to formulate any sound arguments
  • You will get the ability to write any content concisely
  • You will gain the ability of lateral thinking
  • You will gain problem solving skills
  • Your confident and persuasive communication skills will be polished
  • You will learn to pay more attention to the details and gain the ability to draft formal documents with required precision
  • With all required and main skills to gain, you will certainly become a qualified personal to work in any responsible jobs on obtaining your degree in law. Therefore, there is no doubt that the degree in law can bring you ample opportunities and career options to select, no matter whatever industry you want to enter into.

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    Landing your dream Job at Campus Placements

    How to Prepare Yourself for the Campus Placements - Prepare it right
    Every student who strives to complete his/her graduation in the college waits for one main thing and that is the campus interview. The core objective towards the completion of the graduation of the students will be to get a better placement in a reputable company and with a good package, even if not excellent. In this aspect, simply studying your syllabus, scoring marks or grades and awaiting the campus interview is not enough. You need to take some extra efforts to become qualified and pass through the interview and get placed. In this aspect, you need to know a few things to prepare for your campus placements.

    Here follow a few tips and guide to help you prepare for the campus placement in the right way:

  • Your passion: Try to know the most about the subject you are passionate about. Take efforts to build your expertise in that. Your classroom training and books are not enough, perhaps preparing with passion is very important to excel.
  • Understand hiring process: Although you are aware of the placements and interviews happening in your campus, you should also be aware of the hiring processes involved in it. By understanding this process you can prepare yourself in best ways. For instance, some company may keep aptitude test to filter the candidates. Followed by that,they may also keep technical test, group discussion and personal interview, which you need to qualify with the cutoff.
  • Perfect resume building: Make sure that your resume appears professional and conveys clearly what and who you are. It should clearly convey your passion, qualification, interest and capabilities. It should bring the confidence in the recruiter to hire you.
  • Being genuine: Try to choose the organization that suits your interest and style. The company you choose should create the way for you to grow in your career. However, remember, that large companies will also look for candidates who are talented and suit their expectations. Therefore being genuine is very important while taking decisions and attending the interview.
  • Self-evaluation: This is something very important. Try to evaluate your skills, academic qualification, industry expertise and other criteria before you present yourself to the interviewer in the campus placements.
  • Improve your aptitude skills: Your aptitude skills will be noticed and considered by the interviewer during the selection process. Therefore, never underestimate the importance and need to improve your aptitude skills, which has the major role to help you get placement.
  • Prepare for the interview: Try to become aware of the possible questions that the interviewer may ask you. They may also ask you technical questions to test your subject knowledge. This will also help them to understand your interest in the chosen domain and how well you will suit their company and project.
  • Adequate research: It is important to research a few things at least about the company and the industry before you attend the interview. It is very important to have adequate knowledge about the company you are planning to apply for and how well they are performing in the industry.

  • Open the door to opportunities - Degree in Mass Communication

    Awesome Career Opportunities obtaining Your Degree in Mass Communication
    Mass communication is becoming very popular in recent days. A degree in mass communication can create ample job opportunities for the candidates in various industries. You are not limited with just a few opportunities but can find your jobs in various industries and domains. There is no doubt that mass communication can help to excel in any career you choose to work.

    There are various programs available to choose in the Mass Communication graduation. Each program has its own values and career opportunities to offer. However, it absolutely depends on your individual interest to select the one you want. Doing a course or degree that opens a lot of job opportunities is very important. In this aspect, choosing Mass Communication can be the right choice for the aspiring candidates.

    Understanding Mass Communication:
    Mass communication refers to information delivered to many people as much as possible virtually. It will involve entertainment, news, knowledge, branding, advice and many other forms of information that relayed via magazines, radio, newsletters, television, online channels, advertisements and many others. Mass communication continuously evolves with the development of the media, particularly virtual world.

    Degree in Mass Communication:
    There are various choices of programs to choose from in Mass communication and to point, Associate level, Bachelor, Masters and Ph.D.

    The associate level certification is the two year program and it gives a good introduction to the industry. This will prepare you for the entry level positions available in the industry.

    Bachelor's degree in Mass Communication is the four year program. This program will create opportunities for the candidates to specialize in their chosen area and excel in their career.

    The graduate degrees are interdisciplinary and they will encourage students to research in the area of mass communications and media.

    Ph.D. level of programs will qualify the students to become researches and professors. This program will suit professionals to work at higher positions with huge responsibilities.

    Various courses
    Mass communication will also include various courses to choose from. All programs in mass communication will give you a flexible choice to choose the courses as preferred. To point a few; journalism, public relations, communication skills, political science, mass media, sociology, psychology and many others. All programs also have an internship term that needs to be completed, which is of great advantage to the students.

    Online Degree in Mass Communication
    Besides attending your regular college or educational institutions, you can also choose to do mass communication degree online. This is very flexible for the office goers who want to get additional degree and excel in their career or want to enter into a new industry. The online degree is very flexible and it enables the students to choose their preferred college, university or institution to do their degree program. This online program will also enable the students to do this course as an additional certification and qualification while doing their major degree in college. Such online degree course is also affordable and adds value to career.

    The art of teaching: What it means to be a good teacher

    Our teachers are the main figures who groom us to become great individuals in future. Among these, some teachers just occupy some spot in our life history while others stay with us throughout our lifetime. All the teachers have the required credentials, critical thinking, knowledge and several other factors which are essential for teaching. But great teachers have a lot more than just knowledge and intelligence. They have some special added features which set them apart from the normal folks. Some of the features which these teachers must have are –

    Kindness - A great teacher is very helpful and kind for the students, colleague, parents as well as all the individuals who are near him. Kindness makes a person easily approachable and it also creates a sense of calmness around him. Also, a great teacher makes the classroom much livelier and fun experience to be in. Being a kind teacher helps students feel welcomed, cared for and loved.

    Compassion - One of the most humanistic professions in the world is teaching. In this profession, love and compassion for the fellow human being are the prime factors which govern the feeling for others. Compassionate teacher models that characteristic to the students with their actions, and as a result students will be more open to understanding the world around them.

    Empathy - This is one of the essential traits that a teacher should instill among himself as well as his students. Being able to put yourself in someone's shoes and see things from their perspective can have such a powerful impact on our decisions and actions. Teachers who can exhibit this skill are widely regarded as the ones who could help and develop each and every student irrespective of all other factors.

    Inspirational heads - Teachers play various roles in our lives. They are our mentors, inspirational head, opinion leader as well as father figures in our lives. The great teachers teach their students to not only gain good knowledge but also become great human beings. A great teacher uncovers hidden treasures, possibilities, and magic right before everyone's eyes.

    Some of the educational requirements of a good teacher are completely dependent on the kind of teaching which is done. Most of the graduate level teachers require a doctoral degree or a minimum of post graduate degree in the specific subject which he would be teaching. For various part time positions certain colleges and universities also hire teachers who have a master's degree. Certain low level colleges also employ teachers who have a master's degree for the crucial full-time positions. Vocational as well as technical colleges often have teachers who have a bachelor's degree in the subject which they teach. Also one of the degrees which are essential for a teacher to have is the B.Ed or M.Ed degree. These degrees are awarded after completion of bachelor's degree and are provided to those individuals who want to be teacher. In various institutes and universities it is essential for the teachers to have either a B.Ed or M.Ed degree to teach.

    Teachers play a pivotal role in our life. They are as important as our parents and in certain cases even more important. So we need to care and respect for them always throughout our life.

    Opportunities for Under Graduate and Post Graduate Courses in Pharmacy

    If you are interested in becoming a pharmacist, then there are some rules that you would have to understand, including what type of education that is required. You should also be aware of the potential careers that you might be able to choose. There are plenty of specialist areas, so make sure that you are aware of those so that you can pick the right one to pursue further, which would determine what additional classes would be required.

    Types of Degrees Offered
    If you aren't looking to work in a pharmacy, but you want to get a higher level of education, then a Bachelor's degree is perfect. This would give you the background that you would need to work in a medical based company and it would take 4 years to complete. It requires courses in some of the numerous science based topics, which would be a higher level than the one you would normally take for a general degree. If you want to get your Masters in pharmacy it should take around 2 years to complete the degree and there is also a PhD you can earn, should you wish.

    Potential Careers
    There are other jobs that you can think about working after you have the required degree that don't require you to just dispense medicine. Some of the most popular ones include:

  • Research or medical scientist
  • Pharmacist in a hospital or community
  • Toxicologist
  • Science writer
  • Representative for medical sales
  • Associate for clinical research

  • You should ensure that these careers are something that interest you and that you would enjoy them at the same time.

    Specialist Positions There are also some specialists positions that you would be able to work in, which you would need to determine while you are studying so that you can find the right niche. Some of the positions that are in this sector include:

  • Academic
  • Clinical
  • Consultant
  • Compounding
  • Drug information
  • Hospital
  • Informatics
  • Military
  • Nuclear
  • Managed care
  • Oncology
  • Veterinary
  • Clinical pathologist or toxicologist
  • Home health
  • Industrial
  • These positions are often offered to those who have the higher levels of education, such as the Master's or PhD. Some of these require extra education in specific areas to know which medicines would work the best, including for oncology, veterinary and more. When it comes to specialized areas, you would have to have your PhD along with a residency of 1 to 2 years and another 1 to 3 years of fellowship.

    You should ensure that you are picking the right degree that you want to earn in the area of pharmacy. You need to pick the right potential careers or even specialty area, which would require more education, including a residency and fellowship. Make sure that you determine your interests before hand and pursue appropriate levels of education without having any problems, regardless of how long it takes you to complete the initial degrees, such as Bachelors and Masters.

    Importance of choosing the right specialization in Engineering

    In today's modern world one of the most preferred professions amongst the youth is engineering. The students who want to take admission in the various engineering colleges need to select their specialization in engineering based on their own set of interest, passion as well as skill set as these would be essential to keep them engaged throughout their career. For those interested in computers and software the best stream would be Computer Science as most successful programmers and developer come from this field of engineering.

    Choose interest over scope - In today's world scope keeps on changing with time as various trends keep on coming up. Such trends are not permanent and are constantly changing in this volatile world. In fact, the reality is that each and every branch of engineering has good scope and opportunities. This scope and opportunity are totally dependent on the efforts of the individual. Contrary to this, if you take up a branch just based on its job prospects and lack interest in it, you'll end up getting nowhere. So it is very important to go for a branch that is of your interest. If there is an interest in any subject then success will be guaranteed.

    College & Branch - There is a wide array of options which are available to choose from when it comes to engineering. While choosing a college or a stream it should not be a random decision. It should be based on a lot of research and verification instead of just hunches. Run through the college websites and the course material they offer under the branch you aspire for to make the right decision.

    Specialization is the key - Engineering gives every student an opportunity to specialize. It is not a very easy job to choose from various engineering disciplines which are available. Digging deeper and knowing more about every branch can help you in making the right choice. It is the same as taking a straight way to your destination or taking roundabouts to get to the same place. If any person is interested in cars, the best option would be to choose automobile instead of mechanical or electrical. The main option would be to select the branch which one would pursue over a long and successful career. It is a fact that clarity in approach would end up providing much better results.

    Work life consideration - Before choosing a specialization it is critical to take into consideration the kind of professional life which is expected out of the engineering. For instance, Civil Engineering means a lot of fieldwork and if you are not suited for that, you better not choose Civil Engineering in the first place.

    For those who want to pursue higher education, it is essential to consider the further study options. If a person aspires to do post-graduation, choosing a specialization which has the better opportunity is essential. It would be the best idea to check the opportunities which are available and provide the best opportunities for post-graduation.

    How to Prepare Yourself for the Campus Placements

    The season of campus placements is about to and that means all the students that are in their final year will be getting ready to get their first job. However, there are things that you need to do to prepare, which is the same for all aspects of your life, so make sure that you know what you need to do. You should make sure that you have a plan that will help you land your dream job while finishing up your degree.

    First Day Talks
    First off, you need to remember that on the first day there are some talks that the companies that come will have in mind. There are many items that they do, including the following:
  • Pre-placement talks or PPT
  • Looking over the CVs
  • Group discussion
  • Aptitude testing
  • Personal interviews

  • You should ensure that you are prepared for all of these steps by prepping with the following items, such as:
  • Self evaluation
  • Preparing and brushing up of your resume or CV
  • Brushing up on your aptitude skills
  • Practice for the group discussion and personal interviews
  • Research the companies thoroughly

  • Once you have done these, then you would be able to have a successful first day of selection.

    Self Evaluation and Resume Polishing

    You should be reflecting on what you want to do in life along with identifying your accomplishments and your strengths. You also need to determine what areas you enjoyed earlier during your internships and make lists, including what you love and what you are not very fond of. You should also ensure that you are polishing your resume so that it is precise, clear and clean. Also, have a few different options prepared to hand out for the various companies so that they can get one that would work better for them.

    Aptitude Test Practice

    Another thing that you need to be undertaking during this time is the aptitude tests, which you can practice with some of the questions that you answered earlier. The typical questions come in a wide range of subjects, but the most common are subject knowledge, written communication, data interpretation, logic and reasoning, analytic and quantitative skills. Make sure to polish up in these areas so that you don't have issues answering the questions. At the same time you should make sure that you are polishing up on your discussion and interview aspects that you might be asked.

    Preparing to get your first job right out of the gate can be something that is daunting, but if you know the steps that you should take, then it can become easier. You need to know what to expect during the initial days of the campus placements, including what the companies will be doing and what you should do. Also, ensure that you are doing the right preparation by polishing your resume and your knowledge about the topics and general knowledge in the area that you have been studying.

    Guidelines for choosing the right stream after 12th

    Choosing a right stream is the, toughest and challenging decision one can make. Choosing a right stream can change your life completely helping you to reach success. Universities like Babu Banarasi Das University(BBDU) are best for starting your courses after 12th. They have knowledgeable faculty who quenches the thirst of learning and achieving things in life and provides quality education. They also strive hard to get their students pick up the best jobs in various firms.

    There are various streams that can be chosen after 12th and most of them depend on the subjects you choose after 10th class.

    • Some might choose to build up their career in science field by taking up courses like engineering (B Tech), B. Sc, pharmacy, dental science, medical science.

      The benefit of science background is that, the flexibility of switching to arts or commerce after 12th.

    • If you are from an arts background, then you can enrol yourself in various creative courses.

      If your interest lies in learning various foreign languages, then you can learn them and choose an interpreter job in embassies. You can prepare for civil service examination; you can take up LLB.

      There are courses in advertising, mass media, business management, hospitality and hotel management, tourism and much more.

    • You have many career options if you are from commerce background. You can take up management courses, chartered accountant course (CA), B. Com, BBA and much more.

      Choose the stream depending on your passion:

      Before choosing the stream, you should learn about your interests and passion. See if your interest lies in any of the below-mentioned fields and then accordingly choose the course related to that field

    • Mechanical: See if you are interested in machinery, equipment, working on circuits, programming, and automobiles. If yes, then take up diploma or engineering courses related to this field.

      Various subjects are available for diploma and engineering courses like:

    • Computer Science
    • Electronics & Communication
    • Mechanical
    • Civil
    • Electrical
    • Aerospace etc.

    • Health care: learn if your interest lies in proving health care by being a doctor, dentist/nurse, etc., then take up any course mentioned below

    • MBBS
    • Bachelor of Dental Sciences (BDS)
    • Pharmacy

    • Business, marketing, and management: learn if your interest is on commercial aspects of finance, marketing, accounting, etc. If yes, then take up B. Com, bachelor of business administration (BBA)

    • Hotel management: if you are interested in this field, then take up Bachelor of Hotel Management & Catering related courses

    • Social service: see if you want to contribute to the society, work for the development of the country. Then take up
    • B.A. (Performing Arts) or
    • B.A. (Journalism & Mass Communications)
    • Creative things/ media: learn if your interest lies in music, drama, literature, etc.
    • Outdoor: learn whether your interest lies in defence, forest department, construction, travel, transportation, etc.

    • Choose the courses based on your interest in a top most college and have an exciting career ahead.

    Hospitality & Hotel Management- A budding career option

    Hospitality management is one of the fastest budding careers. Nowadays most of the students are fascinated about hotel management and hospitality. There are many resorts, home stays, hotels and restaurants coming up and there is a huge opportunity for the one who has mastered in this field of hotel management and hospitality. On completion of the course, you can start working on amusement parks, cruise ships, clubs, travel agencies, airlines and event m management companies, etc., as hospitality managers.

    Younger generations have a flair for hospitality management, and universities like Babu Banarasi Das (BBD) university helps to fulfil the proficiency for building up their career in the field of the hospitality industry and prepares you to achieve success.

    Degree in the subject of hospitality management is also called as hotel management, hotel administration or hotel and tourism management. The graduates in the field of hotel and hospitality management have ample career opportunities.

    Few career opportunities are enumerated below:

    • Catering manager
    • Restaurant manager
    • Hotel manager
    • Tour manager
    • Customer service manager
    • Fast food restaurant manager
    • Food service manager and much more
    • Things you learn in this degree:
    • Understanding the working structure and management operation of the industry
    • Learn to find out the needs of customers
    • Dealing with consumers
    • Responding to consumers requirement
    • To provide the best service
    • Dealing with problems and solving it
    • Team work
    • Analyzing and preparing documents in spreadsheet and database etc
    • Working individually
    • Safety and comfort of customers
    • Working with team
    • Consumer satisfaction
    • Leadership quality
    • Understanding the basic of accounts
    • Coordinating budgets
    • Meeting financial goals or targets etc.

    On completing the training, you will be able to work with various staffs which include department of culinary, event planner and general administrative operations and much more Following point should be considered while choosing hospitality and hotel management course in any institution:

    • The institution should have highly knowledgeable and qualified faculty.
    • Library which has books on various topics related to hospitality and hotel management
    • Fully equipped kitchen for training purpose
    • Exposure to management aspects as well as operational aspects of the various departments in a hotel
    • Workshop, seminars and guest lectures
    • Bar for cocktail lessons
    • Training labs and
    • Placement facility

    Along with the above points, pay particular care on the below facilities too:

    Front office: to understand the concepts of hospitality and operations of hotels.

    Training restaurants/ kitchens: to train the students to have experience of working in hotel kitchen and bakery. It includes theoretical and practical knowledge. Practical experience includes: design for layout, customer relationship, greeting guests/ customers, menu, etc

    Housekeeping: to learn the concepts of cleanliness and maintenance

    Pre requisites and necessary qualification for the course of hospitality and hotel management:

    • 10+2 or equivalent
    • Few colleges ask for the minimum aggregate of 50 %
    • Relaxation regarding eligibility (qualification and reservation) depends on UGC and state government norms.

    Learn about the career options after BDS

    You must be thinking what to do after you complete your BDS course. This article will guide you regarding various available opportunities for the once who are done with BDS.

    Higher education (post-graduation):

    To get admission for Master Degree in Dental Surgery (MDS), you have to take up entrance exams like All India Post Graduate Dental Entrance Exam (AIPGDEE) or other entrance exams depending on state or university.

    There are various courses that you can choose based on the field of your interest:

    • Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics
    • Periodontology
    • Public Health Dentistry
    • Oral Medicine and Radiology
    • Prosthodontics, crown, and bridge
    • Oral Pathology and Microbiology
    • Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics
    • Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry
    • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

    You can even take up courses like masters in public health (MPH); this course helps you to get jobs in foreign countries.

    • Take up teaching:
      After BDS you can start your career as a lecturer. It gives an opportunity to increase your knowledge and prepare for higher studies (PG – MDS/MD/MS).
    • Defence:
      You can even have the opportunity to be a short service commissioned officer in defence (army, air force and navy).
    • Start your clinic:
      You can start your dental clinic after you complete your BDS course.
    • Government jobs:
      Take up civil service exams and get government jobs.
    • Take up MBA in hospital management:
      You can have a great career opportunity after you are done with this course
    • Working in a foreign country:
      You can choose to work abroad once you are done with BDS in countries like the Gulf, UK, US, Canada, etc. In these countries, the dental treatment is charged high, and you can earn well.
    • Use the internet smartly and have a super cool career and life:
      After BDS you can start your career as You Tuber:
      You must be wondering what you Tuber is. As we all know, the internet has gained quite a lot of popularity and have gained the attention of a large number of net-savvy people. You can record the treatments you give and upload the same to YouTube and earn a hand full of money.

    You can even write blogs:

    Write blogs and share articles related to cases you handled, videos related to it, etc. You must be thinking about how does writing blog helps you earn.
    The answer is: Google, sponsors, etc. pays for your blog, and that's how you earn.

    You can even work as knowledge process outsourcing (KPO). KPO includes interpretation and providing service to patients through internet or calls (voice based).

    Always choose best and top most institutions like Babu Banarasi Das (BBD) University for any courses related to dental science. They have experienced and knowledgeable faculties who helps you to become best and famous dental doctor. Top colleges also provide placement opportunities, groom you to land up in your dream job, guides and help you to gain confidence and open your clinic and become a successful dental doctor.

    Steps to help you choose the best college which helps in making your biggest dream come true

    Choosing a right college is the biggest and challenging decision one can make. Right college can change your life completely helping you to reach success and helps you to come up with flying colours. Universities like Babu Banarasi Das (BBD) University are best for academics and research. They have knowledgeable faculty who quenches the thirst of learning and achieving things in life and provides quality education.

    Below are some guidelines to help you choose the right college/ university:

    • Identify your passion and then choose the streams accordingly
      Decide on which course/subject you would like to take up. Focus on what you are fanatical about and then work on that course details. Research well before choosing any subject because you will build your career based on this decision. So always select the subject that interests you. Do not get carried away by people's expectation or thoughts.

    • Location or distance
      Decide on the place where you want to perceive your education; you want to stay in your hometown or move to the different city? Decide on it first.

    • Shortlist the colleges/universities which offer courses in your subject
      Once you are done selecting the subject that interests you, now focus on which institution to go for.
      Make a list of colleges/universities you are fascinated about. Research on it; check the website of the institution, read the reviews. Find out about the teaching staff, university ranking, ranking based on the subjects offered. Then choose the best and the top most one for which you are eligible.

    • Check the syllabus
      Find out about the points covered in the courses; because you will spend your time learning them and it should not disappoint you at the end. Find out about labs and research facilities and guidelines and support offered by the institution. Make sure whether they cover the major topics of the subject you choose.

    • Consider the fees charged
      Find about the fee structure to know about the cost of your studies. Compare with other colleges and choose the one which best suits you.

    • Check if you are entitled to scholarship
      Check whether you are eligible for any scholarship based on the examination you have taken (like CAT/ MAT/ IIT-JEE/ AIEEE/ AKTU etc.) or based on the marks you scored in previous class/standard.

    • Check if the college offers campus selection/ placements/ internship
      If you want to pick up a job soon after you complete your course, then look at the placement facility offered by the institution. Find out whether the institution provides placements. Check if they provide placement training. Find out about the companies which offer campus selection in the institution you choose. Find if the college has 100% placement opportunities. Research on the number of students getting placed every year.

    • Check if the institution offers international program
      See if the college offers the opportunities to participate in international programs.