Why Recruit at BBDU

Employers look for many other qualities besides academic achievement. BBDU students acquire a range of skills and experiences whilst at BBDU to compete most effectively. Exposure to teamwork, problem solving, and leadership and communication skills are provided by encouraging the students to take up responsible positions.

BBDU is consciously working towards a regime wherein industrial aspirations for recruiting plug and play kind of employees are met by imparting employability skills to the students.
BBDU students have strong conceptual foundations, capacity to work and exposure to real-life work conditions.
The education system at our College is highly innovative and has incorporated the best practices followed in Higher education.
Curriculum based on an innovative Blended Approach that includes development of programmes with inputs from Industry and Academia, application based pedagogy, continuous assessment and organized feedback from students for further improvisation.
The Flexible Approach of the academic system gives an opportunity to students to elect one or two open or social electives corresponding to the area of interest of the student.
Students are given live projects in the form of business analysis, making new business plans, conducting surveys and encouraging them to take up new entrepreneurial activities.
BBDU provides recruiters with unparalleled exposure to competitive and qualitative Industry Ready students trained under the guidance of our nurturing faculty drawn from reputed institutions such as IIT, NITs, and IIITs etc.
The vocational focus of many of the courses and industrial trainings helps students to develop the maturity and employability.
Students undergo in-house Industry standard certification courses through best in country Training Providers in Software, Electronics, Mechanical, Electrical Domain areas.
Exposure to teamwork, problem solving, and leadership and communication skills is provided by encouraging the students to take up responsible position by involving them in hobbies and sports and by specially structured personality development programmes.
The students get total experience of Industry by way of constant seeding of Industry relevant technologies and skills, Industrial visits, Guest lecturers etc.
Comprehensive personality development programmes, which are in consonance with the expectation of the employers.
The Corp. Relations team at BBDU prepares students for Campus Placement throughout the year by conducting GD's, Mock interviews, Team work programmes etc.